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The Airsoft Sniper levels.

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The Airsoft Sniper levels.

Post by Wyat Earp on Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:52 pm

This is me. Live in fear biatches!!!
Some of this may be redundant from above.

The following is taken from this page and edited for relevance. http://www.specialopspaintball.com/positions/asn.asp

Ideal Attributes for Sniper
* Patient and Disciplined. Few players have the will or the patience to play Sniper. Some games, the Sniper won't see an enemy player. Other games, he'll need nerves of steel to allow players to walk within yards of his hide. He's a meticulous person who loves a job well done.

* Decent physical fitness. He doesn't need to work real hard at being a Sniper, but he must be able to spend long periods creeping on his belly without freaking out.

* Iron-will and giant reserves of stubbornness. To out-wit the competition, he must be very committed to winning (his way.) And, yet, he can't be a total lone wolf. The Sniper is useless unless he's part of the team's larger strategy and willing to take direction from the Commander.

This is kinda...eh, but I'll include it as a guideline for certain aspects of your game you could be working on. If anyone starts putting these qualifications in their sig, make sure you point and laugh at the douchebag. There is some CCA or Combined Yada Yada Yada Arms website out there with similar "requirements". One thing you should definitely realize if you're going to be a sniper, Adapt, nothing is ever cut and dry. You will need to think on your feet and change on the fly...or die.

Sniper Skill Progression

Requires at least one day playing Sniper position. [For example, if you haven't PLAYED a days worth of games as a sniper, you are NOT a sniper...seems reasonable.]

When a player proclaims that he has set his mind to becoming a sniper, he is in for a long learning curve. It takes guts to even consider playing the sniper position, since failure to a sniper can mean point-blank execution when his hiding place is discovered.

But, if the Basic Sniper has truckloads of patience and discipline, he may have a future in the position. A Basic Sniper begins with the realization that he may get lucky, but more often than not his ambushes will be blown and will produce only a couple of eliminations. The bigger test will be if the novice sniper can wait patiently through the games where he never sees another soul. Playing Sniper is no place for dudes with ADD.

A Basic Sniper kit can include virtually any gun. However, good camo is a must. Gun and facemask camo is also a very good idea. Do your best with the gear you have. If the sniper game agrees with you, then a better gun and better gear may be in your future.

So, get on the ground, Sniper, and get crawling!

Requires at least six days playing Sniper position.

This guy has spent some serious time in the bush (BUSHES, we mean.)

By now, the man knows he is cut out to be a sniper. He's had a pretty good number of ambushes come together, though he still gets blown on occasion (his COVER gets blown, we mean.) But, he's getting the ambush down as well as his long shot.

Most likely, a Senior Sniper has put a case or two of BB's through his gun practicing his one-shot-kill skill. He has figured out that the other team finds him far less often when his one-shot game is on.

His gear is coming together nicely. His gun packs a point sight or scope and his barrel length is growing like a high school kid's johnson in the morning. He's either going ghillie, or he's added ghillie elements to his mask, camo and gun.

You know this dude's serious, because his bedroom floor has scraps of leaves and brush that got drug in on his cammies. Keep on creeping, bro!

Requires at least fifteen days playing Sniper position.

This dude's no joke. All those peckers who say that airsoft snipers don't exist shut the hell up when he's around. That's because he's owned their sorry asses in enough ambushes that they're ashamed to open their mouths.

His legendary ambushes have forced the enemy to a crawl – their overactive imaginations see him in every bush and around every corner. And, still, the Master Sniper catches them with their pants down every game or two.

When our boy gets the high ground, the muppets run for cover. He's hell on wheels when he's got the long shot. He's an expert at measuring distances and gauging the drop and windage of a single, deadly shot.

His rifle is fully hooked up, with a reliable sight and some serious sound suppression. When he pops you, you can't even tell which zip code he shot from. He is a monster for stealth and the locals all live in fear of his backdoor ambush.

You best make sure you're on this dude's team.
Wyat Earp
Wyat Earp
Sniper God
Sniper God

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