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Grey Fox is recruiting!

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Re: Grey Fox is recruiting!

Post by aerosmith on Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:30 am

i am honestly trying to get along with wyat. it is just difficult sometimes when he gets stubborn like he is being now. i dont want to cause problems and i definitly dont want to be kicked off the team because i enjoy "dressing up like army men and shooting little bits of plastic"

welcome to america. speak english or get the f*** out.

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Re: Grey Fox is recruiting!

Post by Wyat Earp on Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:41 am

Alright, final word is from the overbearing leader. Tyler, the reason that I'm hard on you is because you haven't gone to any games. I know you have reasons, whether O consider them valid or not, and these reasons prevent you from going. However, you can't hide behind them. Other people, lots of people, have other conflicts as well, but you still see airsoft fields filled with people who were able to find a ride, scrounge up the money, borrow some bb's, whatever. I guess if you want to bad enough, you or anyone, can get it done. Now, I realize that this may come off as harsh, but it the truth. If you would like to go to a game, I'm in. Name the day and place. I'm sure we could even get a few other people to go. I know myself, that I'm going to try and go to at least one Forney game this month, so maybe we could go together to that. Also, you don't Need me to go with you. Jonathan, Josh and Nathan even went to Davilla, TX without me. That was a major OP. They still had fun. If your afraid to go to an Op by yourself, send some PM's on these forums, and I'm sure someone else will be available. Anyway, get out to a game.

Also, Sean, I understand it's late at your house, but really...?

Anyway, that's it for now on the Grey Fox thing. I think it's stirred up a little to much hostility. If anyone wants to talk, PM me or call.

Wyat Earp
Wyat Earp
Sniper God
Sniper God

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