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Quarry Creek Info Topic

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Quarry Creek Info Topic

Post by Wyat Earp on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:40 pm

Hey guys, due to the large amount of times we attend Ops at Quarry Creek, I've decided to make a dedicated post for the field.
First, here is the waiver that is almost always used: http://www.northtexasairsoft.org/files/NTAWaiver.pdf

Here is a map, with grid coordinates: http://www.depot53support.com/FA/AO_Map.pdf

Taken from NTA "The rolling hills are similar to those found in the Texas Hill Country around Austin. Covered with a mix of Mountain Cedar's, other trees and two seasonal creeks, the property is a great mix of cover and open areas.

Over the years the land has been used for quarrying limestone and harvesting Cedar. Quarrying operations created large sections of cratered moonscape (white areas on the map) that make for interesting combat. Cedar harvesting resulted in numerous trails being cut through the wooded areas making the AO easy to traverse.

The owner of the land also operates a salvage company on site. In the past he has been willing to move trailers, cars and other props onto to the
AO for the team to use in its Ops.

All in all the Quarry Creek AO offers a wide range of options that make for interesting and challenging combat."

This AO is challenging. Be prepared to take abuse, and plan accordingly. Some of the following are important to have:
Knee Pads
Good boots (not boots that will give you blisters)
A whistle, in case you get lost
+ All the regular Op stuff you carry.
If you have all this, you will be fine. Make sure to hydrate about three days in advance before a high temperature game, as doing it while playing will not provide the adequate level of water.
I will add more as it comes to me. Please post anything you guys have.
Wyat Earp
Wyat Earp
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