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Op Super Twin Down! (Grey Fox) March 20th - Fundraiser

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Op Super Twin Down! (Grey Fox) March 20th - Fundraiser

Post by Wyat Earp on Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:54 pm

"Op: Super Twin Down
March 20th, 2010
Location: Grey Fox Field
Field Coords: 32.973053,-97.030582
3519-3581 Grapevine Mills Blvd N
Grapevine, TX 76051

Cost: 30$
All procceeds will go to Johnson for medical bills.
Gates open: 08:00-17:00
Lunch: 1 hour lunch around noon

The year is 2020; The Super Twins have gone their separate ways. Johnson has returned back from his solo missions injured and is being sent in for repairs. The Super Twin Army (STA) has been activated to protect him on his way to the medical center. The Evil Doers (The Eds) have gotten wind of this and have hatched a plan to capture Johnson and reprogram him. Yes that’s right the Super Twins are cyborgs. Jman now leads a group of greedy contractors who will do and work for anyone if the price is right.

Teams Uniform Requirments:
Super Twin army (Tan)-Desert, Multicam, ACU
Evil Doers (Green)-Marpat, woodland
Contractors- pre selected group with contractor look

1. Escort and hold Johnson on a stretcher at the Medical point (1 hour) -50 pts
2. Protect Johnson on a stretcher from being captured -50pts (Movable)
3. Protect STAs CO-100pts
4. Capture Eds CO (Kill Card)-100pts
5. Recover and hold loot-10pts per loot -50pts max (1 of each catcagory 10 pts each)
5a.Gold bricks,drugs,fuel,SUV, and gun case
6. Attain/Ally/ Contract with the contractors 25pts per successful contract

TOTAL-350pts plus contracts

1.Control Medical Point-50pts
2.Hold Johnson's stretcher hostage-50pts
3.Protect ED Co-100pts
4.Capture STA Co (Kill Card)-100pts
5.Recover and hold loot-50pts (1 of each catcagory 10 pts each)
5a.Gold bricks,drugs,fuel,SUV, and gun case
6.hire the contractors-25pts per successful contract

TOTAL-350pts plus contracts

3 control points plus medical point 15 points each

TOTAL-60 points

COs will have 2smoke gernades that will be used to signal the contractors for a job. Smoke Grenades may be purchased for RL cash or ingame loot. The vender is considered nutral and runs on a barter system. If Vender is killed they will respawn in 1 hour. The contractors are Merc's. The contractors can refuse or accept any job based on how the deal goes down.

Contractors can be upgraded to use vehicles with with the right parts. Contact them ingame to see if you can help upgrade them.

Medic Rules
Players can spawn 1 minute at the medical center if your team controls it
Players must wait at any control point their team controls for 3min
Players can spawn at their team FOB after waiting 3min"

Link to sign up: http://www.northtexasairsoft.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7574

I will not be able to make this, but I hope you all can. It's for a great cause and there should be a huge turnout!
Wyat Earp
Wyat Earp
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