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OP: Toothless Dragon.

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OP: Toothless Dragon. Empty OP: Toothless Dragon.

Post by Wyat Earp on Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:37 pm

This will be an op to help Doc Holiday out for his dental expenses. Everyone please come out to support Doc and have a great time at a Vietnam themed op.

Location: Grey fox Field
Date and time: August 7, 2010. Op starts at 9:00am for the NVA and 9:30am for the US and will go to 5:00 pm. (There will be a surprise after the battle ends for those who want to stay) Please try to be there by at least 8:30 for the dispursal of heavy weapons and booby traps!
Price: $30
Uniform requirements for the US: Please use either OD Green, Tigerstripe, or Woodland BDUs. Anything else will detract points from your team!
Uniform requirements for the NVA: Either black or tan uniforms. Anything else will detract points from your team!

This will be considered a milsim event. For those who want to be able to run around in small groups and be a little more independent, choose the NVA side. For those who want a very ordered, squad-based tactical experience, choose the US side. This is due to the nature of how each side conducted battle in Vietnam which we are trying to recreate. The NVA will be utilizing small group/hit and run/ambush tactics while the US side will be split into squads and will be doing more patrolling/search and destroy. The US will be issued three mortars and three bazookas one of each for each squad. The NVA will be issued an assortment of booby traps and other surprises to battle the US side. The mortars and Bazookas are up for grabs, so if an NVA soldier kills a US soldier who was carrying one the NVA soldier can now pick it up, grab a partner and use it against the US, the reverse is also true. The CO's and XO's will have intelligence on them such as maps and objectives so capturing them could be useful as well.

Scenario: Late May, 1966. The US has been recieving reports that the NVA has pushed past the DMZ near a small village and taken one of the US' M*A*S*H units, holding the beloved Doc Holiday as a hostage and torturing him. The US is tasked with retaking the M*A*S*H, rescuing Doc Holiday, and pushing the NVA back across the DMZ. The NVA will use guerrilla tactics to keep the US from achieving their objectives, and will continue to take hostages if given the opportunity. The US should remember that the NVA will have fifteen minutes prior to set up in almost any positions they wish, so they could be anywhere.

This will (hopefully) be the first in a series of Vietnam themed events that will be tied together. The winning side of this Op will start out with the upper hand in the next Op in the series...
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