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Knight Strike AAR

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Knight Strike AAR

Post by Sepultura779 on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:43 am

Knight Strike on the 17th was an amazing game! I had about as much fun as I could have had with a replica gun in my hands. About 100 people came to play, and the numbers I kept hearing were that tan (the cool team!) was outnumbered 3-to-1. And we still owned everyone the first game! We ended up "losing" the op though, after green defeated us the last two games. The worst part was that I saw and heard about a lot of hit shrugging on the green side. I encountered 2 instances of said myself: In the second game, where some tan had to run down from a hill all the way across a field and to the other side of a road (Probably a 250-300 yard run...Most of us only sprinted about 100 of it, think I maybe made it 110 before I had to start walking, lol), a bunch of us set up in a treeline to wait for and hopefully ambush green, which we basically did. I had a great spot of visibility through some trees while I was taking cover behind a brush pile, and got about 3 people just sitting there and smokin' green as they tried to come through the open spot. The hit-shrugging occured when I shot a guy, HEARD the rounds bounce off his vest VERY loudly, and didn't hear him call a hit or see him raise his hand/deadrag. He walked out of my view right after this though. If he called his obvious hit, sorry dude! One of my highlights came when Wyat and I did some back-to-back, Army of Two stuff. He low-crawled to me, we sat with our backs together and we were the only two alive covering the same area I talked about earlier. Taking fire from our left-front and right-front, we decided to cover these two lanes of fire and fall-back before we got flanked. We both got at least one more kill before we figured it was about time to retreat - all the tan around us were dead, and the only live ones were 200 yards away on another front. Wyat said he would cover me as I fell back, but he did a poor job of it and Daniel shot me in the back of the head (Thanks Wyat! You're supposed to fire your weapon, noob! Laughing ). Wyat was killed a second after I was, and we both walked back to a regen area above the field on a long, narrow strip of high ground. This was where my best airsoft moment occured - We went there, regened and took our deadrags off our heads. No sooner had we done this than Frontline decided to try to rush our little strip of hill. There were some bushes in front of us for cover, so we thought we should cover the high ground for as long as possible. Both of us put a fresh magazine in our weapons, and took a knee. Shoulder to shoulder, we were able to cover all the bushes and watch as Frontline rushed our position. Wyat called the first target, fired, and took him out. He got the next one as well, with some support from me. I took out the next few and they started trying to flank to our right as more came to us in front. I must have reloaded at least twice during this engagement, and as I reloaded, Wyat fired and vice-versa. At one point, Wyat had to load but didn;t have time - more and more guys were hitting our front. He drew a pistol, and it went down. "Pistol down!", he called, as he frantically groped for a magazine. Heavy fire was now being directed at us, and Wyat had moved back further up the hill while I stayed and got hit. He put a few more rounds down range at the one remaining man in front of us, but got hit; we both sat down just in time to see Foxy sprint over to an M60 gunner who had watched out fight and decided to help. Foxy took a hit, and another man came to medic her. He took a round as well, and we all clustered together to chill for a while. At the end of that little skirmish, we had killed all of the Frontline guys and all that remained was large green guy with a UMP who did some gun-tilted-to-the-side, one-handed gangsta shizzle (he was the one who killed the guy who tried to medic Foxy). We all walked back to regen together, and that was the end of my most-awesomely slay-tactular moment in airsoft. It was great.

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Re: Knight Strike AAR

Post by Wyat Earp on Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:14 am

Great job! That was an epic battle. Check out my AAR for a little more info.
Wyat Earp
Wyat Earp
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