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Knight Strike AAR

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Knight Strike AAR

Post by Wyat Earp on Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:07 am

This game was really fun. It started at around 8:00 when I got there to chrono. The weather was still a bit chilly outside, but I had checked the weather report earlier that morning and known that it was supposed to get up to about 70 f. I chronoed with my new MP5 SD, and it shot right around 390 fps. The limit was 400, so I was glad it was legal (cough*Sean*cough). Anyway, I got the little orange bamd on my trigger guard and proceeded to go load up. The first scenario was scheduled to start at 9:00, and I think we came pretty close to that. When I got there, Eagel1 (Chris) was already there and he informed me that Nathan had misplaced his uniform and would therefore not be able to join us. Thanks for telling me Nathan, and for posting on the forums and saying something. Maybe if hadn't stayed up till 2:00 am play COD 5 on your PS3, you would have the brain power to find your uniform. Also, if you read the threads that Sean and I posted, you would have known that a contractor loadout was acceptable for anyone who didn't have the appropriate uniform. Whatever, let by-gones be by-gones. If you feel like redeeming yourself, you are invited to attend our new player orientation this Monday (no school) and help me supervise and role play. That game is at 1:00 at my house. Anyway, back to the game... Jonathan, Daniel and Josh showed up around 8:20, and came ready to play! I didn't see much of them, but when I did, it was always down there gun barrel's. Sean showed up around 8:30, and he was ready to do epic battles for the WIN! More on this later. So, we got our briefing and prepared to do battle, it seemed like Tan always had a lot of walking. Wherever, we went, we walked or ran. Whatever, that's airsoft. So, we walked for a long time, and when we were are on the other side of the field, the game was ready to begin. I was put in charge of a squad of about 10 people, but we never really went out on our own for missions. We were put in charge of stopping the enemy advancement across the creek. We failed. The enemy crossed the creek in force. Sean managed to get out, I was not so lucky. This was one time when I saw Jon and Daniel. They were part of the creek crossing team and it seemed like they did a good job. Our dead Tan forces retreated back to our base. We then had to defend against about 20 tan forces who attempted to take our flag. We held them off until the moment before they called the game. Then one guy from a sniper team was able to get inside the wire and switch the flag.
After the first game, we took an hour long lunch break. Sean stated that he never realized how good Ritz crackers were, and I felt the same for my sandwich. Anyway, the second game we played, we again had to walk a long way. We got to our staging area, and our CO asked for 12 volunteers, who were fast and aggressive. Sean and I vollunteered. We hauled a** for about 100 yrds, and then ran out of gas, we jogged the rest of the way to the treeline, near the green dear stand. We were taking fire as we made our way past the Jeep, and into the forest we wen.t Were stopped about 10 yrds. in from the road. We were in there with about 7 other Coalition team mate. We were trading fire and our 7 guys got shot. They walked out but Sean and I were determined to hold the road. As I look back now, it was probably pointless, because Green had already flanked around our left, and were attacking the bulk of our team up the hill to our left. However, at the moment neither of us new what else was going on. We battled hard, but we both agreed that if we stayed there, we were dead. So Sean got up to move, and was pelted. I tried to follow suit, and the same happened to me. It was very disapointing, but that's airsoft. Sean and I walked up to the dear blind, and regened. I soon as we had put our Deadrags back in our vests, we noticed that the entire front line squad was attempting to take the dear blind area. Sean and I refused to let that happen. We each put a fresh mag in and prepared for the most epic MP5 with MP5 battle ever. As Frontline game into range, the orange and black tips were blazing with a stream of white. We one gun would be out, the other guy would double his fire. We refused to give them any ground, so we held fast even though the odds were stacked 1:4 against us. We decimated our rivals, and held the hill. However, Sean was hit, and they were closing in on me. I reached for my USP, and slayed to more bodies, before I myself was slayed in battle. Words can not really due this moment justice, but needless to say, it was epic. Anyway, we lost that scenario, so went to the last one of the day. Suprisingly, Tan was tied with Green in the W.column, even though we were outnumbered 1:3. The last battle would determine the outcome for each side. Tan moved back up the road to the staging area and waited. When we got the go ahead, we ran to the creek bed. We had 2 guys + Sean and me. I know it was probably to few, but the guys on the main battlefield couldn't spare any more. We mad our way up the creek, and encountered little resistence. However, we were eventually pined down, and we had to move. We climbed up the other side of the creek, and made our way through a clearing. We took fire, but I couldn't se from where. I sent 3 of our guys around the trees, to try and come in on our adversaries. I continued putting down fire, to keep the OpFor beleiving that we were still there. I worked for the most part, but our guys got shot bad. The green had good tactics, and we could only play defense. They swept over us. We walked back to our base, and saw green prepping the rocket. We had walked about 300 ft., so we could have taken off our Deadrags and opened up on the rocket preppers. Sean didn't want to so all we could was watch as the rocket went off, declaring us the loosers.
The game was great. I had fun. I know every one did as well. Post you own opinions on the game and please give your own AAR. Here are some pics from Steadi. Thanks for coming,
Wyat Earp
Wyat Earp
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Re: Knight Strike AAR

Post by Sepultura779 on Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:42 am


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